Posted by: Quick Berry | April 10, 2010

So You Want More Shananay?

So as you know I posted the Shananay video and I got alot of emails saying if I could post more of those videos. So I’m asking you to leave a comment or email me at telling me to post more of those videos. Well See Yah Guys ~ Jason The Bugs

Posted by: Quick Berry | April 7, 2010

New Video Really Funny!

Here is a new video I got from youtube but warning it says a lot of bad words so before you watch make sure you have permission from your parent because I don’t want your parents shutting down my site. Well here it is:

The Christmas Wrapper

Funny rights! 🙂 Well if you got permission to watch it.

Posted by: Quick Berry | April 5, 2010


Sorry I haven’t posted a lot but I’m a really busy boy (teen) I’ve been very busy with government stuff but I promise I will post more often if I dont it’s because I don’t have anything to post about well see yah!

See Yah ~ Jason The Bug

Posted by: Quick Berry | March 5, 2010

New Commercial! :)

There is a new commercial for my blog Quick Berry Blog check it out:

Posted by: Quick Berry | February 17, 2010


This is my super touch computer my dad got me one he paid a huge amount because they are still not available to order. 🙂 My computer has every app in it! 😮 🙂 Well here is a picture of it:

You can read more about it here:

Isn’t it awsome! SEE YAH!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Posted by: Quick Berry | February 8, 2010

My B’Day!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Today is my birthday everyone and I’m turning 15! I had the best party ever, the biggest in Azle also! I got 321 birthday present! :0  Too bad I have to go back to Wales tomorrow. 😦 What a bummer. 😦 Oh well.


Posted by: Quick Berry | February 7, 2010

Link The Quick Berry Blog!!

If you want to advertise The Quick Berry Blog™ then you can use this banner:

Hope you advertise The Quick Berry Blog™! 🙂 🙂

Posted by: Quick Berry | February 6, 2010

FireFox Personas

I discovered  a while ago Firefox Personas its really great. It allows you to theme Firefox in really interesting ways! 🙂 If you use Firefox you should really try it and if you don’t use Firefox well what a shame. 😦 Click here to get Firefox Personas  and click here to get Firefox in case you don’t have it. Don’t worry it’s FREE!

browser, firefox icon

Posted by: Quick Berry | February 5, 2010


Now you can at my graphix at the GRAPHIX page. YAY! There it will show all the graphix I made. So go on and check them out! Some of them took me months some took me weeks or days. So they are really special they are all my hard work. So enjoy them! YAY!

Posted by: Quick Berry | January 30, 2010

Graphix SoftWare

If you want to design graphics but you don’t know what software to use try Fireworks CS4 it’s a good software that’s the software I use to make my graphics! I recommend it it’s really good!

See full size image            See full size image

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